A Jakarta Experience

Aaahh I don’t know where to start! It is my first full day here and feeling rather overwhelmed – it is a million miles away from my life at home in more ways than one!

Like I said, I was met at the airport yesterday by a lovely girl from the school called Windi.

(So cool having someone meet you like that at the airport!)

It was about a 2hour drive to the school in South-East JKT. There was lots to see, but I was mostly taken aback by all the different traffic sights and what people deemed appropriate to carry on the back of their scooters!

I met a few people at the school and when lessons had finished went for some Padang food with my housemate, Emma, and some of her friends. It was spicy but very nice 🙂 and so cheap!

We finally got back to the house at about 10pm, and did a bit of unpacking – unfortunately I didn’t really get the early night I needed! The house is a town house in a nice complex about 10minutes away from the school – I was extremely pleased to be reunited with some aircon!

I slept okay and this morning Emma took me for a walk around the local neighbourhood to try and get my bearings a little, and I had a yummy fresh mango juice 🙂 The locals in our area seem very friendly, they are very excited to see Western people around and shout hello whenever they see us. One family even invited us in to their home to meet everyone!

We’re at school now – the bus ride was…interesting! Their ‘buses’ are definitely not designed for western giants! And I am about to have a cultural inductions about the Do’s and donts in Indonesia! Hopefully somebody will also have some tips about how to remember all the new names!


Any thoughts?

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