First Impressions

It’s so difficult to believe that I have been here for a whole week already. It has been quite the experience and has actually flown by despite a bit of homesickness.

One of the most common questions people ask me here is what my first impressions are, and what do I like and dislike about Jakarta? So here goes…

I like the people – both at school and the locals. Everyone is so welcoming of us and always wants to stop and chat to practice their English. We walk about 5mins to get to the main road to catch the ankot (a little bus) to school, and it takes us about half am hour to get home every night because all the neighbours want to chat!

Our little village 🙂

I dislike the traffic. Seriously, I have never seen anything like it! Crossing the road is a life threatening experience every single day. I am, however, constantly amazed by what people deem appropriate to carry on the back of a scooter – health and safety is not a big priority here.

I like waking up every day and knowing that I am going to learn something new and see something I’ve never experienced before. I’m sure this feeling will lessen over time as things start to become more ‘normal’ to me but for now it’s very exciting!

I dislike getting eaten alive every night even if I remember my mosquito spray. There are some interesting creepy crawlies around! But on the flip side I have also seen bats and lizards and even a few hedgehogs!

I like the food. I have had a few things that were too spicy to eat, but generally people are quite accommodating and don’t pile the spicy salsa up too high. The fruit is also amazing – I normally go out in the mornings and pick up some melon or papaya for breakfast – which I eat on my balcony! 🙂

I have no idea how they keep this healthy, but it seems to work!

I dislike the time difference when trying to contact home. It seems bizarre to me to get a ‘good morning’ message at 2pm!

I can’t mention them all, but overall there are a lot more likes than dislikes, so here’s hoping it stays this way!

Ps, I’ve had a few issues but I think my phone situation is finally sorted out, so please add my new number (+62 813 8217 5944) to your phonebooks and use it for FaceTime, whatsapp and viber 🙂


Any thoughts?

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