Weekend Antics

I’ve had another slightly manic but great weekend.

Saturday was filled with lesson planning and Skype dates, and in the evening one of our neighbours had invited us (me and my housemate, Emma) over. I can’t remember if I mentioned it before or not, but he had originally invited us last weekend, but we got caught up at school and didn’t make it. Anyway, when we arrived on Saturday (thinking that we were just popping round for a cup of tea) his whole family were there waiting to meet us and said they wanted to give us ‘an authentic Indonesian experience’, so we all piled in to their car (6 of them and the 2 of us – it was cosy!) and went out for dinner.

In hindsight I am slightly ashamed to admit this but I was feeling a little paranoid for the whole 45minutes journey there – I mean this goes against everything I know about travel safety, getting in a car with strangers heading off to a restaurant in a city I know absolutely nothing about, but fortunately I survived to tell the tale 🙂

We had a beef noodle dish for dinner, although I had stuffed my face with donuts a few hours before so it was sort of wasted on me 😦 after the meal they took us on a tour of Jakarta so I could see all the sights. It’s such a pretty city at night.

Very cool skyscrapers and lights.

It was very sweet of them, and they are obviously very proud of their city.

Yesterday was interesting too. We caught the bus in to the centre of the city to see some of the sights (by day this time!) and try to get my bearings a little.

This tower is in a place called Monas and symbolises Indonesia’s independence.

In the afternoon we visited a mall on search of some batik, but the clothes are definitely not designed to fit somebody like me. The Indonesians have an annoying ‘one size fits all’ policy, but that one size is designed for 5’2 size 8 women!

Got my first classes this afternoon – wish me luck!


One thought on “Weekend Antics

  1. Vesna October 21, 2013 / 7:45 pm

    Yea, good luck and enjoy your first ‘proper’ teaching!

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