First Day Nerves

It is much harder than I anticipated to get back in to the swing of teaching – I think the next few weeks are going to be a steep learning curve. My timetable is only about 75% full this week but it’s still pretty intense!

I had my first 2 classes on Monday, and see the same 2 groups again today.

The first group is almost all 10-13 year old boys – there is just one girl who looks constantly terrified and won’t move from my side. They are very excitable though and proved to be quite the handful, I hope my classrooms management skills are up to it – it’s not like anything else I’ve encountered before!!

My evening class are the complete opposite – absolutely lovely. They are teenagers, and very keen to get involved and practice their English.

One thing that has struck me that I never experienced at TSI (people warned me about it but I tactically forgot!) is that all the students speak the same language and therefore it is very easy for them to slip in to Bahasa and talk about god knows what (probably me!) without my being able to understand..!

I hope today goes slightly more smoothly but I get the feeling the next few weeks will be exhausting!


Any thoughts?

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