Your Daily Dose Of Sophie

Well, I am already 2 weeks in to my Indonesian adventure! I swing between feeling like that is no time at all and like I have been here for months! Erica and I spoke last night and she thinks it seems like I have been away for ages already (she also inspired the title for this post!).

So how am I getting on? Well, my lessons yesterday were much better than my first day. I am starting to feel more confident and remember everything I learnt during the summer at TSI, although I had forgotten quite how long it takes me to plan all these things!

Sometimes I need to remind myself that this is actually why I’m here!

My ‘nightmare’ class of boys is actually quite interesting. They are at that awkward age where they have all the disruptive features of younger students, but none of the maturity of the older ones. I’m looking for a change in mindset where they could actually have the exciting sponge brains of younger students and the determination of older students. I know that all sounds very waffle-y but I guess what I’m trying to say is that given the right situation the ‘nightmare’ could soon become the best of both worlds, rather than the worst. Here’s hoping..!

Other than that I am okay – homesickness comes in waves, which are becoming less frequent and I try to combat them by keeping busy. I have had lots of lovely emails keeping me up to date with life in the shire (thank you – keep them coming!). Technology really is a wonderful thing! I find it hard to comprehend how people could have spent a prolonged period of time away from home before the days of Skype and smart phones!

None of that stops me missing this face though…

Love from Indo xxx


2 thoughts on “Your Daily Dose Of Sophie

  1. Maria Hammett October 24, 2013 / 10:07 am

    Oh – and there I was expecting to see my face! (but thankfully didn’t …)

    • Sophie @ Sophie Speaking October 24, 2013 / 12:04 pm

      Technology makes it much easier to get my Mummy fix everyday – dodgy fix is slightly more tricky, although Maisie isn’t too bad at Skype!! Xx

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