A Day In The Life

9.00am – Alarm goes off.

9.20am – Go and buy some fruit 🙂

9.30-10.30am – Eat breakfast on the balcony. I normally write my diary, or do my ‘Learning Indonesian’ podcast during this time.

10.40am – Get ready for school. I’m not struggling with the dress code as much as I expected, it’s not as strict as I thought it’d be 🙂 We have ‘dress down’ Fridays and Saturdays at school, and on Wednesdays all the teachers wear something Batik!

11.00am – Leave for school.

11.30am – Settle down at my desk, try to get some planning done. It’s difficult when there’s so much socialising to be done and fun to be had!

The afternoon is different everyday – sometimes we have training sessions, sometimes I observe other lessons, sometimes it’s just time to plan and catch up on all my admin.

3.30pm – Start to get that nervous pit feeling in my stomach and read over my notes for the final 5 times – lessons start soon!

4.00pm – The first class of the day begins. Time to settle down and remember that this is actually why I am here!

5.00pm – Break time! 15 crazy minutes to ask questions and solve problems that were somehow forgotten earlier in the day!

5.15pm – It’s that time again – time to chase students back to class – why do they always think they can take a break for as long as they like?!

6.00pm – Class is over. Time for a final game, before quickly trying to remind myself what I have planned for my 2nd lesson of the day. Sitting at my desk making my notes for tonight seems like hours ago! Grab some quick food and a chat before it’s time to do it all over again.

6.30pm – 2nd class of the day. My evening groups are all lovely and I always feel a bit more relaxed about the evening session 🙂

8.30pm – Finished for the day! Woohoo!

8.45pm – Dinner time! This is my favourite time of the day (obviously!) Good food, great company, and nice to be able to dissect our days. Someone always has a funny story to tell, you can always find a kind word of encouragement or someone to listen to you rant.

9.45pm – Say our goodbyes, and time for Emma and Ito head home.

10.00pm – Evening activities vary from Skyping, gossiping, TV (We’re currently working our way through ‘Teachers’ and ‘Breaking Bad’), gossiping, diary writing, trip planning, marking homework or an early night – often a mixture of a few of these 🙂

11.30pm – Bed time! I need my beauty sleep before it’s time to do this all over again!


Any thoughts?

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