Life Lately.

And just like that the weekend is over again!

On Sunday morning I was up bright and early to go to a charity showing of ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’. A) the film was amazing and I highly recommend it 🙂 B) It was such a strange feeling to be at the cinema at 9am! I went with a few other teachers from school, and a few of their local friends. Also invited a few of my students who showed up – so cute!

Afterwards I went for lunch with one of the other girls – time to start branching out and making some new fiends here!!

The rest of Sunday was spent lounging by the pool and pampering! Haha 🙂

Oatmeal mask anyone?!

On Sunday night, one of Emma’s friends from the UK arrived (and brought Cathedral City cheese which we have just had for breakfast –!) and so yesterday morning before school we went exploring around our local area and visited ‘Pasar Induk’ which is the largest fruit and veg wholesale market in Jakarta (and maybe the whole of Java?) and it was quite the experience!

Being Westerners we stand out here anyway, and I imagine the stall holders see the same people, day in, day out (rather like Eastenders?!) so everyone was leering at us and shouting. It’s normal for people to say hello, but this was different, and I felt a little uncomfortable, as if I was intruding. I also had the smell of chillies stuck in the nose and throat for the rest of the day!!

So many chillies!!

Another busy week this week, let’s do this 🙂

Ps – Thank you so so much for all the lovely emails and whatsapp messages from home over the past few days – I miss you guys 😦 xx

Any thoughts?

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