I thought I was over last minute revision and cramming, but here I am, 2 hours before my Indonesian lesson rapidly trying to refresh my memory!

Fingers crossed it’s a talent that I still have! 😉

I am very aware that it’s been a while since I posted anything about my actual life, but the truth is that things are starting to become more normal here and there hasn’t been much to tell!

I am thrilled to be finishing one of my classes here later today. They were the first class I taught here in Indonesia, so it’s a comforting sign that I’ve been here for a while and am starting to get in to the swing of things, but mostly they’re just a massive handful and drain on my energy! It does mean, however, that I have my first set of parent’s meetings later – I’m really hoping that some of the parents speak English as that would obviously make the whole thing much easier!!

A little homesickness has also been starting to creep in, I guess as an almost direct result of settling down here. It’s been a pretty rubbish few days, to be honest, but then I wake up to this….

…and everything is alright again! 🙂


Any thoughts?

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