Saturday Seven.

1. This has easily been the longest week (or so it seemed!) since I arrived in Indo. A full teaching schedule (including overtime), my first Parent’s Evening and a lot of test marking has left me feeling exhausted but overjoyed that the weekend is finally here. I am well aware that it will be Monday again before I know it, but 2 weeks from now we will be finishing for the Christmas break so I’m trying to focus on that!

2. We had a charity fun run at school last night.

3.5km in the pouring rain on the first day of proper flooding I’ve seen here – typical! All for a good cause, though I am definitely out of practice on the exercise front!

3. Rainy season: extreme (read: flooding season) has arrived!

4. I’ve been in Asia for 8 weeks now, can you believe it?!?

5. My housemate, Emma, has been away travelling for the past week, and brought me back some oleh-oleh (souvenirs – it’s traditional here to bring everyone you know (it seems!) little souvenirs back from your travels) Anyway, she climbed Mount Bromo and brought me some actual volcano – amazing!

6. Emma has been away travelling because one of her friends from the UK has been visiting, which in turn has made me really want all my friends and family to be here to visit! It sounds ridiculous, but I really want other people to see and understand my life here!

7. I had my first ojek (motorcycle taxi) experience today (Sorry Mum!) and didn’t die – woohoo!


One thought on “Saturday Seven.

  1. Maria Hammett December 7, 2013 / 11:16 pm

    I want to see your life too! The time will go quickly enough … and so glad you survived your first ojek ride – let’s hope you survive the rest! Great blog darling. love you xxx

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