Things I Miss.

So I’ve need here for 2 months now (can you believe it?!) and although I’m not too homesick, there are things that I wish I had here.

It goes without saying that I miss my friends and family, so I’m not even going to go in to how good it would be to hug my mum right now.

However, there are things that I didn’t expect to miss….

1) Cheese. I always knew I’d miss cheddar, only I didn’t realise just how difficult it would be to get it here!

2) Sleeping underneath a duvet! I never ever thought I’d be complaining about the lack of cold weather here, but waking up in a pool of your own sweat is never pleasant!

3) The no-smoking law! No need for explanation on this one I’m sure, except for I went out one night last weekend and had to leave early because my eyes were stinging so much from all the smoke!

4) Men having normal length finger nails. This really is disgusting! It’s seen as a sort of status symbol here if men are able to grow long finger nails as it generally shows that they don’t have a manual job. People take it to all sorts of extremes though – men shouldn’t have longer finger nails than me!!

5) Weekend mornings at The Villa – sleeping in, a cup of tea in Mum’s bed with Maisie lying at our feet, and brunch at a favourite haunt. If we go for brunch here, it’s rice and spicy things – I miss lounge eggs!

6) Hearing new music. The selection on my ipod is already getting old, I imagine I will despise every single song in another 10months time! Please please please send your music recommendations my way!

7) Living within a stone’s throw of some of the best beaches in the world!

8) British TV. – I don’t have much free time or viewing here, nor do I want to spend all my time inside watching tv, but I would like to have seen the end of Downton Abbey, and the final series of How I Met Your Mother (don’t even get me started on Educating Yorkshire!)


2 thoughts on “Things I Miss.

  1. Maria Hammett December 9, 2013 / 8:45 am

    Awww …. lovely ! People should know that Maisie is not IN the bed with us. I’m guessing you can download music from ITunes or similar? I know our beaches are lovely – but probably not the best in the world! I bet Bali will be good! I hear there’s all sorts going on in Bankok(?) is it quite safe?? xxx

    • Sophie @ Sophie Speaking December 13, 2013 / 2:43 pm

      Got a new fancy app with radio 1 so that’s solved the music problem, and filled my Xmas cravings all in one!

      I promise to be careful in Bangkok! Well travelled backpacker territory, don’t worry! Xx

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