It’s Beginning To Look A Little Like Christmas.

One of the things that really annoys me about this time of year in the UK is the over the top Christmas hype. I remember spending the holidays in South Africa and even at 12 years old appreciating the laid back approach the the festivities.

Coming in to this year abroad I had done little to no research and had no preconceptions – I didn’t want to be disappointed by anything and this way everything is exciting! I hadn’t, however, thought about the fact that living in a predominantly Muslim country would mean that a lot of people wouldn’t celebrate Christmas – coming from a place where nothing Christmas related is done by halves, not getting in to the holiday spirit seems like such an alien concept to me.

I’ve realised over the past week or so that I think I actually miss the decorations and sending cards, not to mention the mulled wine and party invites!

At the weekend, I went to one of the many malls of Jakarta and there was a Christmas choir singing and lots of sparkly decorations, and I suddenly felt like a little kid – so much excitement!

I really need some more Christmas carols in my life…

Now I just have the search for an Elf dvd and office Secret Santa to contend with – here’s hoping that I pick my own name out again this year… 😉


Any thoughts?

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