Party Class.

The one thing that really strikes me about the a school I work at over other places is that the courses only last about 2 months, and so as a teacher you are constantly getting a turnover of new students – which can obviously be a sad or brilliant thing depending on the group..!

At the end of the individual course, there is what’s called a ‘Party Class’ which gives everyone a chance to have a last fun lesson together.

One of my favourite courses finished on Monday and we went to karaoke for our party class.

A few observations:
A) People here get REALLY in to karaoke!
B) As a 16 year old I can’t remember ever having the self-confidence that these kids do – you wouldn’t have found me singing back then!
C) People in the UK should totally embrace these cheesy activities more – I had such a good time! Justin Timberlake – Mirrors was my song of choice, but there was a lot of One Direction floating about and I’m not ashamed to admit that I loved every minute!


Any thoughts?

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