Holiday Festival.

We’ve been having a big Holiday Festival at school this week, aiming to show the students that there’s a whole world out there to go and discover.

(I sometimes really wish that people asked native staff about slogans – I’m sure we could have worded it better than ‘There’s a world to know’ but anyway..)

We’ve been doing arts and crafts from all over the world with our younger students – origami, paper snowflakes etc – and teaching classes in other languages for our older students. Italian, French, Spanish, Korean and Welsh are just some of the things on offer!

I’ve been teaching French – something my A-level teacher never thought I’d say, I’m sure! – and have really enjoyed it! It’s encouraging that I actually remember a lot more than I expected, and refreshing to do something a little different for a few days. (The nightlight is obviously the by teaching the same thing for a few days to different classes, it means there’s no planning to do! Woo!)

Days like this put everyone in a happier mood (probably due to the aforementioned lack of planning!) and lend themselves to photo opportunities.

A planing meeting – I’m lucky to work with such lovely people 🙂

Taking Batik Wednesdays stateside!

It’s been fun – one week until the holidays and counting!


2 thoughts on “Holiday Festival.

  1. Maria Hammett December 13, 2013 / 2:35 pm

    Nightlight = highlight? Had me stumped! Lovely photos xx

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