Feeling Blessed.

Woohoo, the holidays are finally here! I am currently chilling in the departure lounge waiting to board my flight to Bali, and I couldn’t be more excited about hitting the beach!

Like I said before, it’s been a busy week of celebrations and attempts to get in to the festive spirit. I am not feeling particularly Christmas-sy, but am feeling pretty blessed that I have such good friends after only 2 short months here.

On Friday evening, Emma and I hosted a wine and cheese party at our house, and everyone was in such good spirits! We ate cheese and drank mulled wine and sang Christmas songs, then once the masses had left and just my closest friends remained, we exchanged gifts. The evening left us all on such a high 🙂

The presents (and present fan!) were a hit!

Then came the emotional goodbyes… Yesterday was full of them! I keep telling myself that it’s only 2 weeks and I will be off having an adventure, but 2 weeks is a pretty long time when you spend 24hrs a day together! There’s a general feeling that because we don’t have our own families here, we will become each other’s family, which seems especially important at this time of year.

I guess what I’m trying to say throughout all this rambling is that I’m lucky to have made such good friends and grateful that I work in such a loving atmosphere with like-minded people.

Anyway, enough of this soppy-ness – Bali, here I come!


Any thoughts?

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