A Big Year.

I remember posting on my Facebook sometime in January that 2013 was going to be a big year for me. People left comments asking for me to spill the beans – what did I have planned? The answer was honestly that I had no plans, I just had a feeling, but I never could have guessed just how big.

I used to get asked quite a lot in my old job ‘Miss, what’s the best age?’ And I always used to answer 21. I was in my final year at university and having the time of my life. However, I’ve thought on many occasions over the past 6 months that if someone were to ask me the same question in a few years time I would probably say now. I feel quite a sense of achievement at being able to realise that now – the best times of your life shouldn’t always be in hindsight.

There’s no denying just how big 2013 has been for me. My TEFL course was a big life step in a certain direction, I’ve been feeling new things and finally took the biggest step of my life in moving half way around the world and hundreds of miles away from my friend and family. I’m not always totally convinced that it’s the right decision, and it’s definitely not been easy, but I am fortunate to be here having the time of my life.

I hope this coming year will be equally as exciting, though I have no idea what it holds just yet. Here’s to more travels, more friends and more living the dream.

(Seriously, why are fireworks so difficult to photograph?!)

Happy 2014 everyone! Xxx

2 thoughts on “A Big Year.

  1. Maria Hammett January 1, 2014 / 3:48 pm

    You only got one friend? Seriously though, it has been an amazing year for you – I am so proud of you – and looking forward to seeing you in 2014. Lots and lots of love from a VERY rainy Devon xxxx

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