Back To School Blues And 5 For Friday.

It was a long old haul back from Thailand – I had had a wonderful holiday and was devastated to say goodbye to Beth after a fantastic few weeks together, and I was not happy to be heading straight back to work on Thursday!

I had obviously made the most of my holiday, but that still didn’t make the morning alarm any more bearable!

1) I am suffering from back to school blues a little, struggling to motivate myself and put together inspiring lessons, but I’m hoping that after a restful weekend that will all change 🙂

2) It’s comforting to know how excited I was to see my friends again and settle back in to my routine here – it gives me some confidence that I’m doing the right thing.

3) My New Years resolutions are to practice my Indonesian language more, or more specifically to put what I am learning in to practice more often, and take even more photos.

4) I’m still not at all happy about having to teach for 6 hours on a Saturday 😦

5) I hope all my friends and family in Devon are staying safe – I’ve seen the floods and wet weather on the news – don’t float away!

Any thoughts?

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