Five For Friday.

1) Let’s not beat around the bush here – I’m homesick and it’s rubbish. Rubbish rubbish rubbish. Pain lessened slightly by caring messages from wonderful friends and half a bottle of wine.

2) I started a new class this week. They’re a really low level, the lowest I’ve ever taught and it is quite the challenge – I’m pretty sure they only understand half of what I say. There’s a kid in the class called Man Juice though – that’s enough to brighten anyone’s day. Not actually spelt that way, obviously, and probably not pronounced that way either, but you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be calling him Man Juice for the next 8 weeks!

3) For the past few months I’ve been teaching a class on Saturday afternoons to earn some extra money to pay off my Christmas holidays. I’ve regretted this choice pretty much since the first week, but the class finally finishes tomorrow. Woohoo!

4) I’ve started using days of the week as adjectives. Having classes on Saturday is so Monday!

5) I have been teaching the same class on Friday afternoons since I arrived in Indonesia, and they are so adorable. They brought me a belated birthday cake this afternoon (too delicious for pictures!)

Life update complete – Happy Friday everyone! 🙂

Birthday Festivities.

I feel like I start every post off by apologising for the lack of writing lately, but no excuses this time – I’ve just been too busy enjoying life.

The big birthday last week was lovely. Emma woke me up early before school so I spent the morning finishing off Breaking Bad – the ending was good, but the sense of relief that I felt about getting to the end without finding out how it ended was ridiculous!

The rest of the day was pretty relaxed – I had an Indonesian lesson and the other teachers had organised a card for me.

The real excitement started with my evening class. They have been excited about this for weeks – secretly planning and trying to find out what my favourite songs were. It was so adorable – they bought me an amazing cake and they had learnt a few of my favourite songs (guitar, singing and beatbox combo).



It’s so lovely to think that I’ve only been teaching these students for about a month and they cared enough to do all this ❤

In the evening I had plans to get dinner at my favourite seafood restaurant with a few friends. By the time I'd returned from my class they'd gathered a few more teachers and it turned in to quite the party!


We had!

It was always going to be a bit rubbish being away from my family and best friends on my birthday, but I’m sure I’ll remember it for years to come.

In The Words Of Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran, Everything Has Changed.

Do you ever have a moment of realisation that something that you never expected to change has turned out so different to the way you’d ever imagined?!

I had one of those moments yesterday – an old friend that I’d pretty much lost touch with – now engaged and a home owner and so much more grown up than I can even contemplate being right now.

If someone had told me 6 years ago that he wouldn’t tell me he wanted to propose the minute the thought passed through his mind, and that he’d have no idea that I was loving in Indonesia, despite that fact that I’ve been here for 4 months now, I’d say they were being ridiculous. It’s sad how life sometimes works out that way.

Day to day nothing is different, but when you look back everything has changed.

Pre-Birthday Festivities.

Well, I’ve been ordered to blog more often, so here goes…

I’ve been pre-celebrating my birthday this weekend. Some friends organised a fun evening for me on Saturday after school 🙂

We started out at a local Indian restaurant (seriously, Indonesian food is incredible but I have been craving a curry!) before visiting a local sports bar. It’s quite a novelty to arrive somewhere at midnight and for British sport to just be starting – convenient really!

Afterwards we went on to a club in a massive abandoned warehouse. It was a very cool set up, but we didn’t get there until late and there were already a lot of people so drunk they couldn’t stand, pouring shots of tequila down their necks. It’s odd how drinking alcohol is so frowned upon here yet if you tap in to the right locations you find a binge drinking culture similar to the UK. We stayed for a while and had a dance but I was glad to get home to bed (must be getting old!)


Yesterday we went for a little adventure in the city, to an area called Blok M. I’d heard mixed things – I’ve only ever visited ‘The Block’ at night and if I’m honest, it’s a bit of a dive…but it’s famous for cheap material and tailors. The first challenge was working out how to get there… I’ve seen local buses that I really wanted to try – they cost the equivalent of about 25p to go anywhere in the city, such good value! Plus, there were loads of buskers hopping on and off to provide entertainment!


We made it successfully and went exploring – I was very restrained and didn’t actually buy anything but it was all extremely exciting!

Spent the evening lounging at home watching ‘Man on Fire’ – I’d forgotten a) how good it was, and b) how intense it is!! In my head it was just a cute story about a little girl making friends with her body guard…oh how wrong I was!

And just like that it’s Monday again…

Behind Closed Doors.

A few weeks ago I started teaching a new class – I’ve mentioned them a few times already, they are easily my favourite students of the moment.

This revelation, however, came as a bit of a surprise – I’d heard previous teachers talk about this class in a less than glowing light – individual annoying students, too much gossiping and a class that never spoke any English.

All this got me thinking about the student-teacher relationship, and how much it varies between teachers even if the group of students remains the same.

As soon as that classroom door shuts, you are free to say whatever you like to your students – appropriate or not.

I once read something that said ‘be friendly with your students, but remember that you are not their friend’. True as this is, sometimes it can’t be helped. We have fun, and they work hard, so why can’t we be friends too?

The reason I thought about all of this is because there are a lot of lesson observations happening at the moment, and I know that if this class were to be observed the atmosphere would be completely different. Everyone would be more conscious of their words and actions – not that we’re doing anything wrong normally.

The private relationship that one has with a class is definitely something to be appreciated… 🙂

4 Months.

I let the day pass without too much mention, but the beginning of this week marked 4 months since I left the UK. A whole third of the way through my year here!

We had a lovely weekend to celebrate. Saturday was a long day spent at school, as always. My Saturday afternoon class is finishing in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait – I have found a local hockey club that I’d like to join during the new free time!

On Sunday we ventured in to the city to an craft fair and a late afternoon visit to Sky Bar. I had heard good things about this place, and it lived up to expectations – the 56th floor rooftop provided a great view of the city 🙂

Perfect weekend 🙂

A Day In The Life : 4 Month Edition

9.20am – There’s a knock only bedroom door and I’m woken up by my lovely housemate being amazing and bringing me a cuppa in bed 🙂 We chat for a while before deciding that it’s time to begin the day.

9.45am – Okay, by begin the day I mean faff about on my phone, check Facebook, read emails and blogs, realise that I haven’t blogged for a while and start composing this post.

10.30am – Time to get ready. We have the big bosses coming in to school today so need to be at the top of my game…which starts with deciding what to wear!

10.45am – The sun is shining! (A novelty these days!) Time for breakfast on the balcony 🙂

11.45am – Time to head to school.

12.00pm – Got a little while now to try and get organised before my Indonesian lesson.

12.30pm – Indonesian lesson. Today were learning about conjunctions – very useful but I feel as of my brain’s about to explode!

2.15pm – I’m planning lessons and my friend Chris is serenading me with a song he’s just written about me – recording come soon..!

4.00pm – Lesson time! I’m dreading it slightly – I’m faced with the task of getting 16 8-year olds to complete a 4 page test! Nightmare!

5.30pm – Thankfully the test is over and we’ve got some time left over for One Direction and general silliness!

6.10pm – Time to grab a quick cuppa and read over my notes for tonight’s class. I’m slightly concerned that I haven’t prepared enough…too late now I guess!

6.30pm – Time for my new favourite class. We’re learning all about sleepwalking and imaginary friends and they are so interested. The students make excellent presentations and we have a giggle 🙂

8.45pm – Finally it’s time to go home. This week is dragging a little 😦 but I am feeling tip top 🙂

8.50pm – Surprise email from my little bro 🙂 ❤

9.15pm – My favourite time of the day! Dinner 🙂

10.15pm – Just got home and I’m trying to power through marking today’s tests but my eyelids are getting heavy! I’ve just turned the page over on one and found this though…

11.00pm – Time for an early night – it’s been a manic day!

Goodnight from Indo xxx