A Day In The Life : 4 Month Edition

9.20am – There’s a knock only bedroom door and I’m woken up by my lovely housemate being amazing and bringing me a cuppa in bed 🙂 We chat for a while before deciding that it’s time to begin the day.

9.45am – Okay, by begin the day I mean faff about on my phone, check Facebook, read emails and blogs, realise that I haven’t blogged for a while and start composing this post.

10.30am – Time to get ready. We have the big bosses coming in to school today so need to be at the top of my game…which starts with deciding what to wear!

10.45am – The sun is shining! (A novelty these days!) Time for breakfast on the balcony 🙂

11.45am – Time to head to school.

12.00pm – Got a little while now to try and get organised before my Indonesian lesson.

12.30pm – Indonesian lesson. Today were learning about conjunctions – very useful but I feel as of my brain’s about to explode!

2.15pm – I’m planning lessons and my friend Chris is serenading me with a song he’s just written about me – recording come soon..!

4.00pm – Lesson time! I’m dreading it slightly – I’m faced with the task of getting 16 8-year olds to complete a 4 page test! Nightmare!

5.30pm – Thankfully the test is over and we’ve got some time left over for One Direction and general silliness!

6.10pm – Time to grab a quick cuppa and read over my notes for tonight’s class. I’m slightly concerned that I haven’t prepared enough…too late now I guess!

6.30pm – Time for my new favourite class. We’re learning all about sleepwalking and imaginary friends and they are so interested. The students make excellent presentations and we have a giggle 🙂

8.45pm – Finally it’s time to go home. This week is dragging a little 😦 but I am feeling tip top 🙂

8.50pm – Surprise email from my little bro 🙂 ❤

9.15pm – My favourite time of the day! Dinner 🙂

10.15pm – Just got home and I’m trying to power through marking today’s tests but my eyelids are getting heavy! I’ve just turned the page over on one and found this though…

11.00pm – Time for an early night – it’s been a manic day!

Goodnight from Indo xxx


One thought on “A Day In The Life : 4 Month Edition

  1. Maria Hammett February 6, 2014 / 5:43 pm

    Aw – how sweet is that? makes it all worthwhile x

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