Behind Closed Doors.

A few weeks ago I started teaching a new class – I’ve mentioned them a few times already, they are easily my favourite students of the moment.

This revelation, however, came as a bit of a surprise – I’d heard previous teachers talk about this class in a less than glowing light – individual annoying students, too much gossiping and a class that never spoke any English.

All this got me thinking about the student-teacher relationship, and how much it varies between teachers even if the group of students remains the same.

As soon as that classroom door shuts, you are free to say whatever you like to your students – appropriate or not.

I once read something that said ‘be friendly with your students, but remember that you are not their friend’. True as this is, sometimes it can’t be helped. We have fun, and they work hard, so why can’t we be friends too?

The reason I thought about all of this is because there are a lot of lesson observations happening at the moment, and I know that if this class were to be observed the atmosphere would be completely different. Everyone would be more conscious of their words and actions – not that we’re doing anything wrong normally.

The private relationship that one has with a class is definitely something to be appreciated… 🙂


Any thoughts?

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