Pre-Birthday Festivities.

Well, I’ve been ordered to blog more often, so here goes…

I’ve been pre-celebrating my birthday this weekend. Some friends organised a fun evening for me on Saturday after school 🙂

We started out at a local Indian restaurant (seriously, Indonesian food is incredible but I have been craving a curry!) before visiting a local sports bar. It’s quite a novelty to arrive somewhere at midnight and for British sport to just be starting – convenient really!

Afterwards we went on to a club in a massive abandoned warehouse. It was a very cool set up, but we didn’t get there until late and there were already a lot of people so drunk they couldn’t stand, pouring shots of tequila down their necks. It’s odd how drinking alcohol is so frowned upon here yet if you tap in to the right locations you find a binge drinking culture similar to the UK. We stayed for a while and had a dance but I was glad to get home to bed (must be getting old!)


Yesterday we went for a little adventure in the city, to an area called Blok M. I’d heard mixed things – I’ve only ever visited ‘The Block’ at night and if I’m honest, it’s a bit of a dive…but it’s famous for cheap material and tailors. The first challenge was working out how to get there… I’ve seen local buses that I really wanted to try – they cost the equivalent of about 25p to go anywhere in the city, such good value! Plus, there were loads of buskers hopping on and off to provide entertainment!


We made it successfully and went exploring – I was very restrained and didn’t actually buy anything but it was all extremely exciting!

Spent the evening lounging at home watching ‘Man on Fire’ – I’d forgotten a) how good it was, and b) how intense it is!! In my head it was just a cute story about a little girl making friends with her body guard…oh how wrong I was!

And just like that it’s Monday again…


Any thoughts?

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