Busy Bee.

Wow, I never had any intentions of abandoning the blog for this long! Oops 😦

It’s been a hectic few weeks full of ongoing birthday celebrations and fun. Last weekend was my housemate, Emma’s, birthday so we had a party and fun day out.

The pictures are, unfortunately, not flattering enough for the blog world, but we finished off a lovely weekend with a visit to Skye Bar – a roof top set up on the 56th floor of a city skyscraper.


We watched the sunset and then there was a pretty spectacular lightening storm 🙂

School has been busy as ever as well, but thankfully my Saturday afternoon class has finished now, so no longer am I stuck at work until 5pm…


Sad to see the back of these though 😦

Other highlights from lately include the spontaneous pancake party that we decided to have once Mum had text me to remind me that it was Shrove Tuesday!



I decided (admittedly while I was high on pancakes) that I’d give up alcohol for Lent – I’m already slightly regretting this decision, but figure that I am much more likely to succeed in a Muslim country like this than I ever would be in the UK….

Any thoughts?

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