Things I Will Never Understand About This Country.

1) How 7/11 is the place to be on a Saturday night. Seriously, everyone loves it! It’s a much more popular place than most restaurants!

2) The way that adults will wear motorcycle helmets, but just give their 4 year old child a pair of novelty sunglasses as if that will protect them from a deathly crash!


3) The sheer amount of water that falls from the sky when it rains. Yesterday I was on my way to school – it was sunny when I left home but the thunder and lightening started mid-journey. By the time I arrived at school and had to walk 100m to the mall, I was wading through water inches thick and my umbrella was doing little to protect me. The phrase drowned rat comes to mind!

4) The way that locals have picked up a little English, and can say ‘hello, good morning, how are you? My name’s…’ etc, but still not understand that there is a difference between Mr and Mrs, so this whole conversation will have started by them shouting ‘hello Mr!’ after me up the street!

I’m sure Indonesians would have many more observations to make if they visited the UK, but still, as more and more admittedly very strange things become ‘normal’ there are still things that I will never understand! ;

Any thoughts?

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