A Trip To Bandung.

This Monday was a national holiday providing us with the elusive long weekend, so along with a group of friends I decided to make the most of it and head to Bandung for a few nights.

Bandung is a city south-east of Jakarta, located in the mountains – so much green! It was cooler and the air was much cleaner which is always a massive bonus!

We left immediately after class on Saturday and jumped on the train, which was surprisingly easy to navigate and comfortable – I splashed out and went for executive class!

We arrived at about 7pm, checked in at the hostel and went for some dinner and a few drinks. Turns out that about a year ago a policeman was stabbed in a Bandung club, so as a result all the the bars close at midnight, but we had a friend in the know and found a private bar to wait in for our other friends to arrive on their delayed train from the capital.

There was a lot of beer…..

After a few hours sleep we were up and about and decided to head to Maribaya waterfalls on Sunday. It was a little grey but we didn’t want to waste any time. There was one downfall but we found a roadside Warung in the mountains as stopped for some lunch.


Pretty lunchtime view šŸ™‚

After refuelling, it was onwards and upwards to find the beauty!



We arrived at some sort of national park and hiked about 4km (at a very leisurely pace!) to find the waterfall.





It was really pretty, and there was lots of time for chit chat and silly games. A perfect day šŸ™‚

Before dark we decided to head back to the main city and hostel, where we met a student and his sister who took us out for a lovely dinner. We went to ‘Congo cafe’ – a place on the side of the hill with an incredible view out over the city.



It was a lovely weekend and I ha a lot of fun. Unfortunately we had to be on an early train the next morning to get back to Jakarta for a wedding, but I shall save that story for next time…

Any thoughts?

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