So as I mentioned last time, I had to rush back from Bandung to get to a friend’s wedding on Monday.

About 2 weeks ago a friend from school popped in to deliver her wedding invites (so last minute, so Indonesian!) and asked myself and a few of the other girls to be her bridesmaids (again, so so last minute!). I didn’t really want to cut my long weekend short, but this was going to be an interesting (probably once in a lifetime) experience so I of course agreed.

The wedding was extremely fancy – I’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s seen as a status symbol here to have a big, elaborate ceremony, so there were literally hundreds of people there.

I was slightly nervous about what ‘being a bridesmaid’ would entail, but as it turned out all I did was wear a special outfit. I didn’t really understand but it looked like there were lots of different ‘sections’ of guests – lots of groups wearing different colours or matching outfits.

Check out the Bride and Groom!





All in all, a fun evening and a very interesting experience 🙂

Any thoughts?

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