Trivial Things I Miss From Home.

Following on from yesterday’s post, here’s some things I miss from home. It goes without saying that I miss my friends and family (and Maisie!) but there are some more trivial things…

1) BBC and iPlayer – it would be amazing to be able to switch the tv on and understand what I was hearing! Also, iPlayer, when are you going to get your act together as make yourself available outside the UK?!

2) Drinking water from the tap! I didn’t realise how much of a luxury this is, but what a nightmare it is having to constantly fill up bottles and putting them in the fridge to be able to drink cold water!

3) Being able to get anything worth having at Tesco. My love for supermarkets has gone rapidly downhill since I got here!

4) Not having to prepare words in advance to be able to complete the simplest of day-to-day tasks!

5) Easily being able to buy clothes that fit. I have never felt fatter than when I am trying to shop here!

6) Being able to plug things in without having to search the entire house for an available adapter.

7) Bacon. Enough said.

Any thoughts?

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