On Local Travels, Motivation & Language Learning.

When I visited Pulau Pari a few weeks ago, I spent some time taking photos with and talking to some of the local children. They didn’t speak English and it was a great way for me to practice.


I came back with a new motivation to improve my Indonesian language skills – the same thing had happened when I returned from Bandung a few weeks ago.

The language thing is really tough – day to day life is pretty simple these days – coming across words that I cannot mine/explain is not the daily occurrence it once was, and as a result I need to really force myself to study and review new vocabulary and practice outside of lessons. I feel slightly hypocritical given that those are all the things I encourage my students to do, but I do appreciate how tough it is.

I have a lot of exciting travels lined up over the next few months, and I hope they really give me a) the opportunities to practice and b) the motivation I need to take this to the next level.

Let’s do this!


Any thoughts?

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