Day Tripping To The Gili Islands.

So while my Mum was here visiting and we were in Lombok, we took a boat trip one day to visit the Gili Islands – a group of 3 small islands off the coast famous for their laid back culture, beautiful sandy beaches and amazing snorkelling.


I was also pretty excited as I will be returning there in a few weeks and wanted to do some research about the best island to stay on etc!

It took about an hour to get there from Senggigi but the boat ride was beautiful. Lombok is a varied island of jungle, mountains and sweeping coasts.



First up was Gili T – the infamous Asian backpacker destination. It was pretty much how I’d expected it – lots of bars and souvenir stores, and their fair share of young travellers. Nevertheless, it looked fun and we made a quick stop for a drink before exploring a little more.

The view from the cafe was amazing – we were literally right on the seafront!

Next stop was Gili Meno – the smallest and least inhabited island. It was completely different – not many people around at all. We found a quietly little spot and are pizza while watching the world (read: boats) go by.






I went for a little explore after lunch but unfortunately didn’t make it to the Turtle Sanctuary – because I didn’t actually know that it existed. Note to self: always read the Lonely Planet before visiting the location. We did see a turtle in the sea on the return journey but you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be checking out those cute babies on the beach when I return in a few weeks though.

We never actually made it to Gili Air die to the tides and not wanting our boat to get stranded but it also looked really fun – a happy medium between the backpacker madness of Trawangan and the laid back relaxation to Meno.

We did a little a snorkelling en route and saw some blue coral and amazing fish, but before I knew it we were heading back to Senggigi and the sun was setting on another amazing day.



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