The Nightmare Quest For A Bikini In Asia.

One of the first things everyone told me when I spontaneously that I was moving to Asia was ‘why?? You’re going to be a giant there!!’ This has never been more true than when I decided the other day that I needed to buy a new bikini before my upcoming stream of holidays!

I was slightly apprehensive about the task in hand but had confidence in H&M (I feel about H&M in Jakarta the same way I feel about a good Tesco store in the UK – if you can’t get it there then it’s probably not worth having!)

Now let me set the scene here – my body is probably at least 2x as long and my boobs twice the size of the average Indonesian woman, not to mention the fact that wearing anything that doesn’t cover practically every inch of your skin here is frowned upon.

I was surprised to see the selection (wish I’d taken a photo actually but I was not in blog mode!) but soon realised that there would only be a few suitable options – so I chose a few and headed off the the changing rooms… Well, there’s nothing like standing in an unflattering light in a selection of too tight swimwear (even though these were the biggest sizes they had) to make one feel like an elephant!

All apart from one were basically a tiny piece of material tied around my body which I am sure would probably not be suitable for a Baywatch run and jump in to the waves – so the decision was made for me. Of 20+ options in the only shop I had seen any swimwear (that didn’t have long sleeves) for sale in, one was suitable…

Moral of the story: sometimes the ‘it’s okay – Jakarta (or anywhere else) has shops and you will be able to buy things there’ is not actually totally accurate!!


Any thoughts?

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