Coffee Date.

Oops, I totally didn’t mean to ignore my little blog for this long – life just got busy!

So, what’s been happening? Well, the month of Ramadan is well and truly underway here and I have joined the rest of the country in giving fasting a go. The deal is that nobody eats or drinks from sunrise to sunset. It’s obviously difficult, especially not drinking, and everyone is very tired, but it’s surprising how little our bodies need to survive. The biggest impact is on my way of thinking – it’s only been a week but I already view food differently. Why eat something unless it’s going to taste delicious?

I am, however, spending a week on the Gili Islands on holiday now so will not be fasting and passing up the opportunity for day time cocktails and ice cream!


Talking of holidays, I was looking at my calendar the other day as calculated that I will be working less days this month than I will be not working – that’s my sort of holiday ratio! 🙂

So I have finally been reunited with Erica and Nigel, friends from home for a little mini beach break 🙂

Before I left the UK Erica drew me this….

We had no idea when ‘soon’ would be, but the day has finally arrived!

Low points of the holiday so far:
– Breaking my sunglasses the first time I tried to put them on.
– Discovering that there is no fresh water on the island and that even the showers are salt water.

First day highlights:
– The big reunion.
– The breakfast view (see previous picture!)
– Gin and tonic galore.

Right, I’m off exploring! Happy Sunday everyone 🙂

One thought on “Coffee Date.

  1. Carolina John July 8, 2014 / 5:52 pm

    Day drinking rules! Enjoy the holiday. I’ve always wanted to try a fasting routine for a bit, glad you’re finding it rewarding.

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