Bukit Lawang.

Well, I’ve been ordered to blog more often to brighten up the summer holidays so here goes…

After a few days in Lake Toba we made the 9hour journey to Bukit Lawang – a a little jungle village.

It’s difficult to explain just how beautiful this place was – we were staying right next to a river (which became our shower for the next few days) and all you could see was miles of jungle in every direction. It was incredible.



Now we only had one full day in the jungle (stupid holiday not being long enough!) and my friends were set on doing a trek. I was in 2 minds about it – there was absolutely no chance that I was going to stay out in the jungle over night (I’d read in the Lonely Planet that there were bears…!) but we settled on a day trek.

I was super nervous – I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do it. We had to hike up the river for 6 excruciating hours and then float back down in rubber tubes (that part was fun!). Some parts of the trek were so steep we were literally holding on to unsteady branches and pulling ourselves up cliff sides, and at one point we even had to abseil down a hill relying on only a dangling tree root for support! We saw orangutans, one of whom had a super cute baby, lots of other monkeys and crazy insects, and just being out in the jungle was beautiful. In hindsight, I’m struggling to comprehend just how old and tall the trees were!

I’d be lying if I said there were no tears or ‘oh f*ck, what was I thinking??!’ moments but we all survived and I was super proud of myself!

These jungle crowns were a present from our guide upon completion! 🙂

So that was our day in Bukit Lawang! There were just a few hours left for beers and card games at the hostel (one of my favourite ways to pass time) before heading back to Medan for one final night and flying back to Jakarta. It’s strange, I have never called this place home – as far as I’m concerned, home is a little place in Devon, close to the beach and surrounded by my friends and family, but I was actually, dare I say it, excited to be back? The comfort of knowing how things work and seeing familiar faces – it’s a nice thing.

And just like that another holiday is done and dusted 😦 so many places….so little time….

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