Saturday Coffee Date.

Oh my gosh, this has been the longest.week.ever!

You now those weeks where everything seems to take forever, and however productive you feel you are being, your ‘to do list’ just doesn’t get any shorter? Yeah, it’s been one of them!

But Saturday is finally here, and I have a stack of DVDs to get through, some gin to drink and a lunch date to occupy myself.

So if we were meeting for coffee today, what would be up for discussion?

I’d probably start by rearranging our date from coffee to sunbathing – I am very much feeling the pressure to get out in the sun so that I can get maximum tanning time in before I return to the UK in 8 weeks (can you believe it’s been 10 months already?!)

That would lead on to the fact that I’m constantly on the verge of exploding with excitement at the prospect of coming home and seeing my friends and family (for anybody who’s wondering – 12,000km is a long way and a year is a long time!) but also super stressed about the fact that I haven’t booked any flights yet. Add that one to the never-ending to do list!


Can’t wait to cuddle this face again!

We could chat about the new Indonesian president – it’s the done thing here at the moment, then have a whinge about the fact that my extension visa still hasn’t been processed (more coming on that another time).

Before we parted I’d also have to tell you about one of my new classes. They’re one of the highest level classes in the school, only 8 students, but they are all 13-14year old boys, It’s insane! On the first day, they asked me what gender I was. During the second week they asked me the difference between ‘boob’ and ‘breast’. Week 3 – I arrived at the class and 2 of them were physically beating each other up!!  We’ve been studying personality types and at the end of the unit there is a project for them to work together and put what they have learned in to practice – in this case, the task was to write a personality test (yes, you read that correctly) and then try it out on your classmates. I was dreading the lesson, I’d looked at the work and thought it was difficult myself (this is coming from someone with a Psychology degree) so who knows what they were going to think/say…..

I decided to give it a go anyway….and I was pleasantly surprised! They wrote some really great questions (even if some were a little too imaginative) and really got in to their roles – it was great 🙂 If only every class went that way….


What would you have to tell me?


One thought on “Saturday Coffee Date.

  1. Maria Hammett August 26, 2014 / 1:10 pm

    I would say – where are the doughnuts?

    Looking forward to seeing you soon. Let me know as soon as you have booked your flights! xxxx

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