Updates & Ice Buckets.

Woo, it’s finally Friday! This week has been dragging slightly because I had a dream that Thursday was going to be a holiday but it wasn’t. That sort of dream is the worst!

It’s okay though – after 3 years of complaining about how I desperately need a job where Friday is the last day of the week, I finally have it (for the next 6 weeks at least). I am a bit too excited about having 2 whole days off – I have big plans to be very productive! It’s been a while since my life had some serious sorting time, and it’s much needed.

Top of my priority list, however, is some planning for my last minute trip to Bali next weekend!

Time to get working on my tan 🙂

In other news, lots of people have been clogging up my social media newsfeeds with videos of their ‘Ice bucket challenge’ and I thought I’d been lucky enough to avoid a nomination, but apparently not (Thanks Erica!).

Ummm I don’t want to sound all anti-charity and fun here, but I’m not doing it. Here’s why…
A) I think it’s stupid – not the raising money factor, but throwing a bucket of ice all over yourself voluntarily.
B) When I jump in the shower every morning it’s like my very own personal ice bucket challenge.
C) why waste so much ice and water?

D) Indonesia is still millions of light years behind the rest of the world in terms of technology so I wouldn’t be able to donate anyway.
E) why does everybody feel the need to post a picture of their donation on Facebook too? Just feel good about doing a nice thing!

Rant over!

That being said, I will donate some money to another less supported charity when I’m back in the UK next month 🙂


Any thoughts?

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