Life Lately.

It’s hard to believe I’ve been in Indonesia for 50weeks now. Madness!

I’m still not sure what’s happening with visas and whatnot so days are filled with job applications and chasing up the required paper work and tomorrow I have to go to the hospital and get a full medical check. In between the forms and questions that nobody appears to know the answers to, I have been keeping myself busy with a list of things that I wanted to do before I return to the UK – namely stuffing my face with fried rice and seafood!

In other news, one of my favourite classes finished this afternoon and as a party I planned ‘Miss Sophie’s Extremely English Pub Quiz’ – it was so fun! I put together a picture round (name the celebrity), music lyrics round and a set of 26 general knowledge questions – one answer for every letter of the alphabet. It was a huge success – definitely putting it in the activity bank to do again.




It’s been a great day.
* I found out I don’t have to teach my least favourite class anymore.
* I only had one class, providing me with 2 free hours this evening – I used it wisely and watched ‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close’ – such a good movie πŸ™‚
* Got my new schedule for next week and it seems I will be etching the same lesson twice on Monday and Wednesday – hello less planning!

Finishing the day on the sofa watching Malcom in the Middle and eating fried rice – need to get some beauty sleep before a morning at the pool. Life is good πŸ˜ƒ


Any thoughts?

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