A Year In Indo: Who I Taught.

I’m in a very fortunate position where my school has a class for anyone and everyone, so I have had the opportunity to try every level and every age. I think this is really important for a new teacher. Although I was 90% sure before that I wasn’t cut out for teaching 4 year olds (seriously, stop trying to stab each other with those scissors!) now I know that I will never ever take a job teaching in a pre-school.

20141002-113342-41622145.jpg However cute they are, I just couldn’t do it for more than 2hours a week!

I never really thought I’d be that in to teaching Business either, and while it’s still not my favourite thing to do, I’ve actually really come round to the idea….especially when my students and I went out for dinner and they just wanted to go to McDonalds – turns out they’re not scary business people after all!


I make no secret about it though. For me, teaching teenagers is really where it’s at, and I know I shouldn’t have favourites but I definitely do – and any teacher that tells you they don’t is lying through their teeth!

20141002-114124-42084938.jpg This lot, for example – so smart and so much fun. Often not very hard working at all but that’s not too bad when you love the classes.

About 3 weeks in to teaching this bunch it was my birthday and they bought me a cake and played my favourite songs on their guitars – so cute ❤

There is one stand out favourite class though. I used to teach this group on Friday afternoons for my first 6months here. They never failed to make me smile and brighten up my afternoon. I still get pretty jealous when I see them with another teacher every week now..!!


On a few occasions I’ve also been out to teach in local high schools, which is always an experience. Packed classes of screaming kids who have never been taught by a native speaker before. I normally get mobbed with calls of ‘bule’ (foreign person) and ‘hello mister!’ before I even get to the class!

20141002-115314-42794628.jpg Eeekk, I look so pink!

It’s been a fun year – I’ve grown very attached to some of my classes and I will miss them a lot if I can’t get an extension on my visa…fingers crossed!


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