Reverse Culture Shock.

‘How does it feel to be home?’

That’s the first thing everyone asks me. ‘It must be so strange!’ they say, and they’re right, but not for the reasons they’re expecting. At the beginning it was all jet lag and differences in temperature (although thank you, Mother Nature, for keeping it unseasonably warm here!), but now that’s over I’m excited by the smallest things – being able drink water straight from the tap, hot showers, the person on the other end of the phone being able to understand what I’m saying!

I’m constantly surprised by the things that I find exciting and also the things that I’m too overwhelmed to face. Take shopping, for example. Anyone who knew me before I went to Indonesia will tell you how much I love a good supermarket – I genuinely believe that if you can’t get it in Tesco, then it’s probably not worth having. I’ve been back in England for a week now and have been to the supermarket a few times but I end up feeling completely overwhelmed, especially by the cheese and alcohol aisles! (think 3 varieties of crappy Australian cheese and 2 bottles of beer, vs….well,you know….an English shop full of cheddar and gin goodness!)

It’s a lovely feeling being able to understand everything that’s going on around me, but I miss speaking Indonesian. I’m actually pretty worried that my limited language skills will drop while I’m away!

Everything is mostly just a bit surreal – I had expected everything and everyone else to have changed as much as I have in the past 12 months, but that’s just not the case.On the one hand, it feels like I’ve never been away, but on the other, everything is completely different.

Either way, I am loving being back in my own bed, surrounded by my friends and family, chain drinking tea and eating chocolate hobnobs! It’s going to be a good few weeks 🙂


One thought on “Reverse Culture Shock.

  1. babyfishmouth2 October 21, 2014 / 7:10 pm

    Nice! You’ll get acclimated to the UK again soon enough. Enjoy the time home.

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