Bon Voyage Celebrations.

On Sunday we had a little party at home – a Bon Voyage before my second year in Indonesia and my little brother heads off to Australia.

I can’t believe it’s already been a whole year since the last goodbye gathering. I was so anxious about what lay ahead of me – all the well wishes were actually very daunting and all I wanted was to walk around holding my Mum’s hand for 2 weeks! (I still kinda do want that..!)


It was lovely to have so many of my favourite people in the same room. It’s funny how much of a small place Plymouth is – put 20 of my friends in a room together and leave them to their own devices, and people will always find someone that they know!


It was a perfect Sunday afternoon – full of friends and chit chat (and dogs and prosecco and A LOT of cheese!!)


(I put my culinary skills to good use- woohoo!!)

IMG_2277  IMG_2281 IMG_2286


One thought on “Bon Voyage Celebrations.

  1. Vesna Hawley November 10, 2014 / 5:23 pm

    Shame you haven’t had any time to visit us at ODILS. We have started a new Cert recently and it would have been useful for the new trainees to hear about your adventures and your tips. And of course, Oriel and I would have enjoyed seeing you again.
    However, have a lovely journey back to your second home and keep posting your stories!
    Here is to you and happy adventures! :-))

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