Weekend Recap.

I’ve spent my weekend  trying to tick every remaining item off my ‘to do at home’ list. It’s been pretty successful – I still haven’t managed to see some people that I desperately wanted to, or spend enough time with others but hey…there’s always next year!

I started the weekend by having brunch with my friend Alice (you can read her great blog here 🙂 ) at a new place in Plymouth called The Dock. Excellent pancakes, delicious peppermint tea and great company – what’s not to like? Alice was even kind enough to donate some books to me and my friends in Indonesia – I feel under so much pressure to choose books that everyone may want to read! She wrote little messages inside them all – imagine if one day in 20 years time the book makes its way back to her?! The world is a very small place, after all!

image(1) image

Sunday was much busier. One of my favourite things to do at the weekends at home is to go for a walk on the beach. I can’t believe I hadn’t made it to the coast yet, but was determined to squeeze it in on my last Sunday (weather permitting!) Unfortunately the tide was in and there was no beach left, but we had a nice stroll along the coastal path and took some silly photos (complete with whole family car selfies….an excellent photo bomb from Maisie I think you’ll agree!)


IMG_2288 IMG_2292

Yay for family time! ❤

IMG_2346 IMG_2298 IMG_2303 IMG_2309 IMG_2321 IMG_2330 IMG_2344

The afternoon was lazy but fun-filled – pasties for lunch, an early in the year but still amazing viewing of The Holiday (our family tradition at Christmas) and roast lamb (so delicious!) and vienetta for dinner. I woke up at about 3am on Sunday morning dreaming about Vienetta – I probably haven’t eaten one for at least 10 years – how random is that?!

Now for the last few days – I have so much to do! I haven’t started packing or shopping for Western supplies yet, and am completely unmotivated to do so! For me, it’s all about the family time and jaffa cakes!


One thought on “Weekend Recap.

  1. The Zen Kat November 18, 2014 / 10:23 pm

    What a fun weekend! Love the pics 🙂

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