Back To The Concrete Jungle.

The few days since I arrived back in Jakarta have been a blur of jetlag. The flight was okay (LOVE Emirates!), just long and boring.

I’ve spent the past few days sleeping until 3pm (oops!) and catching up with a few people. It’s so lovely how pleased everyone is to see me!

On Saturday night I went to a friend’s wedding in the city. Indonesian weddings never stop surprising me – they are just so different to in England. Alcohol free for starters, over by 9pm and literally the most elaborate thing you’ve ever seen!


My favourite part, however, is checking out everyone’s fancy batik!


And the photobooth is always good for a laugh…!

Yesterday was the last day of my holiday, and it was an extremely lazy one – trying to kick this sleepiness once and for all! I spent the afternoon lounging next to the pool, and although we’d planned a trip to the cinema in the evening I just didn’t make it (mostly out of laziness, if I’m honest!)

Back to school with a week of new classes today…. It’s funny, I’ve only had 6weeks off school but this is the longest break since I started teaching and I feel so out of practice!

Happy Monday everyone! Let’s do this 🙂


One thought on “Back To The Concrete Jungle.

  1. Vesna Hawley November 25, 2014 / 12:00 am

    Great to read your blogs again!
    Thank you again for coming to see us and spend some time with our new trainees. They have found your comments and tips you gave them invaluable.
    Have fun in everything you do!

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