Life Lately.

1) Have you heard about the new app/game, Heads Up?! I only learnt of it yesterday, but it is my new favourite thing to do! Basically, it’s an electronic version of charades or articulate – you play in teams and have a minute to act/describe as many ‘things’ as you can to your teammates (you hold your phone up to your forehead so everyone can see the item but you). ‘Things’ include songs, animals, famous people, random nouns. And to top it all off, while your team mates are yelling away at you, your phone records everything! Hilarious! I can’t wait to play it with my students next week!

2) Talking of fun things in class – we watched some of The Lego Movie this morning. It’s amazing how much emotion they can convey on the face of a little plastic man!

3) I just successfully had my hair cut! The language barrier makes this whole situation hilarious. I am the girl that has only been to the same hairdresser every 8 weeks for the last 8 years of her life because she is so bad at explaining what she wants done. Now I just have to take a picture and hope for the best!


4) I can hardly ever remember my dreams, but this week I did 2 nights in a row. On Thursday I dreamt that one of my teeth fell out. According to the dream dictionary (and a website – haha), apparently it’s an anxiety related dream and is a call to look at your support system more carefully. The other dream was that both my mother and I were pregnant at the same time! (Interpret away people!)

5) I’m off to Jakarta Blues Festival this afternoon. It’s pouring with rain (I don’t know much about it but hopefully it’s inside!) 🙂

Happy Saturday everyone!


Any thoughts?

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