Strange Happenings.

Some weird things have been happening lately.

I should preface this post by telling you that everyone in Indonesia is obsessed, and I mean totally crazy about, ghosts and urban legends. They believe 100%, and everyone has their very own ‘sighting’ story to tell!

Anyway, I digress! Last week my housemate Emma put a flower in a tiny bottle of water next to her bed then we left for the day at school. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened, but when we got home that evening, the rose was laid out on her pillow yet the water hadn’t been disturbed.

Spooky hey?

We thought it was a little odd but forgot all about it until a few days later when I left some mango on the table and when I returned, it was outside my bedroom door at least a metre away.

Now this time it really freaked me out – I know deep down there must be a logical explanation (on both occasions, nobody else had been in the house) but how did these things move on their own?

The next day I was speaking to some Indonesian school friends about it and they told me this: Legend has it that ghosts live in trees, and when a tree is cut down the ghost or demon can escape and move in to the closest house. Well, while I was away in the UK, the papaya tree was cut down in our front garden!

Does this explain these strange happenings? Probably not, but what a coincidence! I would have never even considered the idea of the house being haunted in the UK – isn’t it funny the effect that a culture can have on your beliefs!


Any thoughts?

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