A Day In The Life.

9.15 – alarm goes off! I’ve been awake for a while but last night was pretty late so I lounge about reading my book for a while.

10.00 – finally haul myself out of bed and go and buy some fruit.

10.08 – breakfast time! Strawberry&melon juice, with fresh mango today.

10.30 – Spring clean! We think there may be a rat living in the courtyard at the back of our house so trying to keep things extra clean 🙂

11.00 – Listen to ‘Serial’. If you’re not already listening to this podcast – download it now!

11.40 – time to get ready for school. It’s always so difficult to pick clothes on Wednesday because it’s batik day!

12.10 – showered, dressed and ready to rock.

12.23 – arrive at school. It’s super hot today – I’m so glad to be in the ac!

12.30 – chat to friends at school, check my schedule and get books ready for this afternoon.

12.45 – plan plan plan!

1.20 – time to take a break. Shop for Secret Santa present – success!

1.40 – lunch time! Soto kudus today (and most other days if we’re honest!) my favourite!


2.00 – back to school – I waste a bit more time chatting to friends and doing some organisation for next week’s Christmas party.

2.20 – more planning – we’re making a recipe book in my class this afternoon so I need to get all artistic and make an example!

2.35 – time for a cup of tea.

2.45 – I’m distracted by looking at fun things to do in Bali! I really need to do some holiday planning!

3.05 – okay, time to get serious and finish preparing for today. I also have about a gazillion reports to write. Boohoo 😦

3.30 – finally ready – a whole hour before class starts! Time to relax and chat 🙂

4.05 – re-arrange my classroom. There’s one boy in my class who refuses to move and sit next to anyone, so before every lesson I have to move the chairs out of the room so he has to!

4.10 – reading some blogs 🙂

4.30 – teach teach teach!

6.00 – break time. My class made such a mess this afternoon that I have to spend a whole clearing up!

6.10 – chat with friends for a while. We’re enjoying some Mars bars I bought back from the UK last month.

6.30 – teach teach teach!

8.00 – class is going slowly….time to crack out a game!

8.30 – finally finished!

8.35 – little bit of admin, tidy my desk up and have the daily argument about what we’re going to eat for dinner.

8.45 – settled on seafood – delicious!

9.30 – time to go home. A bit awkward cos the dress I’m wearing today is a little shorter than cultural acceptable and I’m basically flashing at everyone when I have to sit on the low bus seats. Must remember leggings next time…!

9.50 – I’m exhausted – so glad to be home!

10.00 – Modern Family viewing time – I may or may not be a little addicted!

10.45 – pjs, teeth, time for bed with my book 🙂

11.25 – lights out – goodnight!

Any thoughts?

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