Christmas 2014

If you’ve seen my Facebook or Instagram lately (unfortunately, I am a complete social media addict!) then you’ll know that I spent 10 days in Bali over christmas, but before that let’s back up and I’ll tell you all about christmas day itself. You can see the photos here, but on the 25th I went to a fancy hotel in the city for lunch with some friends – the spread of food was pretty impressive – it was nice to stock up on western comforts for once, and the wine. So. Much. Wine!

As always, the day passed much faster than we’d have liked, and I was home packing for my early flight the next day before I knew it.

We arrived in Bali early on Boxing Day morning and headed straight for our Kuta hotel. I actually wasn’t very keen on visiting Kuta – I’ve been before and wasn’t that taken with it (it’s the Bali equivalent of Ibiza or Magaluf…), but my friend Glory wanted to go. We stayed in a nicer than Kuta average hotel with a nice pool (LaWalon Hotel, Jl. Poppies 1) which somewhat softened the blow!

It was a quiet few days of relaxation – super comfy beds, lots of pool time and slowly working my way through a few good books! There were a sufficient amount of sunbathing opportunities, but it actually rained quite a lot, one day even resulting in a flood! It’s not supposed to flood on holiday!

Why is it that holiday time goes much much much faster than time at work? Before I knew it, our 4 days in this beach town were over and it was time to jump on the shuttle bus to Ubud – a ‘hippie’ town in central Bali – known for it’s laid back vibes, rice paddies, monkey forest and vegetarian/vegan/healthy food! Perfect!


Check back on Friday to read all about my time in Ubud 🙂 Have a great day!

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