Coffee Date.

So if we were sat in Starbucks today, what would I have to tell you?

I’d probably start with my weekend. It was a really good one this week. I normally dread my Saturday morning class (not ideal, I know!) but we just haven’t built a good relationship yet despite it being like 6 weeks already, but this lesson actually went really well – I surprised myself! 🙂 I had a pretty chilled afternoon but had a party to attend in the evening. I recently sought out a hockey team online and on Saturday night they invited me to a party to meet a few people. I took my housemate Emma along for moral support and had such a good time! Everyone made me feel really welcome and I’m excited to go and play at the weekend (now just to source a stick and some kit… Should be interesting considering everyone in this country wears size 6!)

I was nursing a slight hangover on Sunday, but went in to the city to make some batik! It was much more successful this time (read: less blotches where I dropped wax!) and really fun. The whole area is green and quiet (a rarity in Jakarta!) and so relaxing!


I just finished reading a great book too – Longbourn, by Jo Baker. It’s a different take on Pride and Prejudice, from the servant’s viewpoint, but it’s so much more than fan fiction. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a new read 🙂

Any thoughts?

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