14 Thoughts That Run Through A Teacher’s Head When Marking Tests

I spent last night marking 3 sets of progress tests, and I’m pretty sure my trail of thoughts was identical each time.

1) Okay, I’m feeling optimistic! We did lots of revision, and they seemed to understand it during class, so the results should be fine.

2) Listening paper first. Hmm it seems when they said they didn’t want me to play the track again they were actually lying!

3) Maybe it was just her. Fingers crossed it was just her. Oh no, it wasn’t just her 😦

4) Maybe the reading paper was better…..

5) Ah this one is right! And the next, and the next! Woohoo, we’re on a roll here – maybe I’m not such a rubbish teacher after all!

6) I wonder what snack I should reward myself with when I finish this paper….

7) You really think that’s the answer?Why would you write that? Seriously?

8) At least the writing paper is about movies – every time I ask the students what they did at the weekend they say ‘played computer games and watched movies, miss’ so surely they can describe their favourite movie?

9) Who knew that there was a Justin Bieber movie?

10) Thank God for discretional marking. I’ll just help them out a little bit with these writing marks, I know what they actually meant to say.

11) No, that’s dishonest, I definitely shouldn’t do that.

12) I hope they’re not too upset when I tell them they have to do some of the paper again 😦

13) What do you mean I’ve only marked half of the papers so far? It feels like I’ve been here for hours!

14) I give up. I’ll do it tomorrow. Where’s the gin??!

One thought on “14 Thoughts That Run Through A Teacher’s Head When Marking Tests

  1. Holly January 20, 2015 / 2:34 pm

    I can imagine marking tests must get pretty boring. At least you know how to reward yourself with snacks and gin!

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