2014 In Review: The Best Of Sophie Speaking

Wowzers – can you believe that in just a few days it will be 2015? I remember celebrating New Year’s Eve when we were welcoming in the new millennium – it’s difficult to believe that it was over half my lifetime ago! This year has absolutely flown by, and it’s been a massive one for me, the most courageous so far perhaps.

I started 2014 in Bangkok, celebrating (in a very low key, bed by 1am, kinda way with my friend Beth). I took my first flight of the year back to Jakarta on January 1st and really felt like I was coming home. I was full of expectations of what the next few months had in store for me.

Highlights of 2014 include(but are of course not limited to!) the following:

* My Mum coming to visit,of course! 2 wonderful weeks of exploring, fancy hotels, beaches and the best part of all – Mummy cuddles! (You can read all about her trip here)

* Carrying on from that, being able to introduce my family to my students and sharing their excitement.

* My friend Erica visiting just a few short weeks after my Mum had left! I really am spoilt for having such amazing people in my life! (Jealousy inducing photos and stories from Erica’s visit can be found here)

* Celebrating my birthday with one of my favourite classes! They bought me a lovely cake, learned my favourite songs on the guitar and made me feel so special.


* Finally getting some sort of grip on the Indonesian language (this is a work in progress, of course!)

* Getting to work with some AMAZING people.

* The sense of pride (read: the need to collapse!) I felt after hiking through the jungle!

* Celebrating having survived a year in this crazy country!

* Walking through the arrivals gate at London Heathrow back in October.

* Getting back to life in Jakarta, of course!

It’s been a big year, here’s hoping that 2015 will be just as awesome!